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Ishaism – September

And so, the long awaited Spring, sent word of its coming…on those leafy messengers of the Fall…

© Isha Garg

24 thoughts on “Ishaism – September”

  1. Yes, let’s forget our frigid friend, although Winter will no doubt inspire some cool mental meandering and misted musings.
    Reading you sparks my morning thought and heralds a wonderful day dear Ishu! 💃🏻💃🏻💜💜👏🏻👏🏻😊

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    1. The alliterative, artistic author never fails to evoke ‘them happy feels’ eh 😉 hehehe.
      Ah, what are winters but a time to wrap oneself warm in words? They demand poetry!
      Reading your comments make me want to promote you from the Dean to the Paean on Praisonomics! 😁💕❤

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      1. No wandering armadillo is easy to run from – zombie or otherwise! Easy to wander around with in metaphoric lanes of ‘alliteraticity’ though 😉😊😘


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